Let us digitize your home movies, audio cassettes and photographs

Why digitize?

Our lives are filled with journeys, both geographic and cherished emotional experiences.  Life is a journey that we all take, and our photographic history chronicles that journey.  You may be surprised to learn that those cherished photographs, audio tapes and films stuffed away in that shoe box in the back of the closet are beginning to fade away.  Unfortunately, photo prints, slides, film, tapes and negatives are not permanent.  Even the most reliable storage methods cannot prevent them from aging, and eventual fading and discoloration. 

Going digital with Mitlas Productions puts everything at your fingertips.  Through our services, your photographs, films, negatives, slides, LP records and audio cassettes will be preserved in an organized fashion.  The best part?  Digital images and recordings can be reproduced or copied from one medium to another with no loss of quality or change to the original.

At Mitlas Productions, we can set up cloud storage and online back-up – allowing you to upload new digital images and share the cloud with select friends and relatives.  Most importantly, you are preserving your family’s photographic and film history.

Bring us your aging tapes, film, records, audio cassettes, slides and negatives.  You’ll receive everything digitized, organized and easily accessible.

Gather your recorded memories and let us transfer everything to a thumb drive, a digital link, and DVD.