Mitlas Legacy Films

Your Catalogue of Valuables

We will create a video catalogue of your precious belongings, as well as a Gel Tracer for these valuables.

A sample list of Items we will film and catalogue include:

  • Jewelry

  • Antiques

  • Fine art

  • Musical instruments

  • Rare collections of memorabilia

  • Precious metals

  • Lawns sculptures

  • Automobile collection

  • Rare coins

  • Stamp collections

  • Wine collection

  • Electronics

  • First edition books 

In edition to cataloging your belongings, we will also provide a Gel tracer.  This is a new piece of technology that can help protect your property in the event of a robbery

The gel tracer allows you to tag your belongings with a tiny ‘DNA’ dot that will inform authorities it is your property. 

Here's how it works:

We assign a personal PIN number associated with the gel.  The gel provided has microscopic dots to be placed on your property that can be used to trace ownership of any item specifically to you.  If your property is stolen, damaged, misplaced or lost, the gel tracer and video catalogue will ensure proper steps were taken to protect your assets.

Your Ethical Will

Just imagine if you had the chance to hear and experience what hopes. dreams and wisdom your great-grandparents had to share with you.. What better gift is there than that?

An Ethical Will Film allows you to pass on and share your values, beliefs, life lessons and hopes.  We interview and film you…and then do our magic with the edit.  This production will outline for generations to come what is important to you and your legacy

Your loved ones will see the essence of your family values, that sparkle in the eye, the sound of a voice, laughter and the emotion behind spoken words.

Once we add photos from the past and screen text to support the story, such as dates, as well as the full names of people and places referenced, the production is complete and a legacy is created.

Your Biography

Throughout history, family culture and memories have been passed down through the art of storytelling. These stories help new generations connect to their heritage and identity. While the way that we tell stories has evolved over time, the power of the personal and family story remains. In fact, children who are asked to reminisce about events from the past and retell stories from their lives have been found to have greater self-esteem, the ability to introspect and increased emotional understanding. Mitlas Legacy Films captures your family story by combining scripting with interviews, photographs and home movies to create a priceless documentation of your family’s history. Your family story will be preserved for generations to come.  This will all be set to music for a genuine documentary feel.